River Room


2023 ~ River Room Lottery ~ 2023

Due to popular demand for River Room rental, River Arts will hold a lottery on Saturday, November 19, 2022 to select the artists for next year.

Sign up now with your top two time choices!

River Arts: (207) 563-6868

Payment to reserve the River Room is 50% upon notification of selection and 50% two weeks before your show.  Those who wish to pay 100% now are invited to do so.

After the lottery selection, reservations will be first come, first served. Artists who showed in the River Room in 2022 may not participate in the lottery for 2023. Rental range is $400 to $550 for 3 weeks.

For more details:

  • Call (207) 563-6868
  • or visit the gallery at 36 Elm Street, Damariscotta for more details and to sign up for the lottery.
  • Guidelines for River Room are found on the River Arts website: riverartsme.org

2023 River Room Booking Dates / Rates with corresponding Main Gallery Shows



Main Gallery

Jan 26 –    not available “Passages”
     Feb 15 Reception Jan 21
Feb 16 – $400 “Dark & Light”
     Mar 8 Reception Feb 25
Mar 9 – $400
    Mar 29
Mar 30 – $400 “Storm”
    Apr 19  Reception Apr 8
Apr 20 – $400
    May 10
May 11 – $500 “Members”
    May 31 Reception May 20
Jun 1 –  $500
    Jun 21
Jun 22 –  $550 “New Works”
   Jul 12 Reception  Jun 24
Jul 13 – $500
   Aug 2
Aug 3 – $550 “Earth, Water, Sky”
   Aug 23 Reception  Aug 5
Aug 24 –  $550 “Abstract”
   Sep 13 Reception  Sep 9
Sep 14 –  $500
   Oct 4
Oct 5 – $550 “Artist’s Choice”
   Oct 25 Reception  Oct 21
Oct 26 – $500
   Nov 15


River Room Exhibition Schedule 2022

Feb 5 – Feb 23:     Volunteer Show:  Judy Nixon, Holly Anderson Baumm, Cheryl Young, Gerd Koehler, & Alice de Mauriac

Feb 24 – Mar 16:   Volunteer Show: Helen Warner, Karen Nadeau, Colleen White, Deborah Shappelle, Christine Covert & Ann Clowe

Mar 17 – Apr 6:     Bernadette de Cesare

Apr 7 – Apr 27:      Christine Covert

Apr 28 – May 18:  Isabella Corwin

May 19 – Jun 8:     Sandra Kimball

Jun 9 – Jun 29:     Polly McGrory & Wolfgang Busse

Jun 30 – July 20:  Dennis Wilkins

July 21 – Aug 10:   Scout Dunbar

Aug 11 – Aug 31:    Betsy Palmer & Elaine Abel

Sept 1 – Sept 21:    Ann Slocum

Sept 22 – Oct 12:   Winslow Myers

Oct 13 – Nov 2:      Caroline Sulzer

Nov 3 – Nov 23:     Sandi Cirillo

Call or visit the gallery at 36 Elm Street, Damariscotta for details.
River Arts: (207) 563-6868

River Room

2023 ~ Artist Rental ~ 2023

        1.  River Room rental is available to all River Arts’ members on a first come, first serve basis.  Because of the overwhelming interest in reserving River Room space, River Arts will conduct a lottery in the fall of 2022 and artists may register to enter.  Solo, duo or small group shows are permitted. All showing artists must be members of River Arts.

       2.    All work shown in the gallery must be original art. River Arts does not sell reproductions. 

       4.   River Arts does not take a commission on sales from the River Room rental shows. We pass the cost of credit card sales back to the artist at the rate of 5% of the sale. All sales will be made through River Arts and we will make Sales Tax payments to the state of Maine.  River Arts pays artists promptly the week after the show comes down.  All showing artists must provide contact information:  phone, email and mailing address.

      4.   Rentals are available for 3 week blocks beginning on Thursdays and ending on Wednesdays.  Installation is on Thursday.  Removal day is Wednesday.

     5.  50% deposit reserves a booking. The remainder is due two weeks before the show.  In the case of artist cancellation, refunds  of deposit will only be made up to one month before the show.

    5.  Advertising: A month before the show, artists may provide River Arts with artwork photos, biographical information, and artist statements for our press releases, our website and facebook pages. River Arts will produce and publish the final copy for approximately 10 newspapers in Maine and for our extensive email list.

    6.  Pedestals are available with prior approval from the gallery management.

    7.  Tables are available with prior approval from the gallery management.

    8.  Wall labels are the responsibility of the artist.  Only masking tape is allowed for wall labels without prior approval from gallery management.

    9.  Installation of shows is the responsibility of the artist.  Guidance from our professional staff is encouraged ahead of installation day.  Proper installation improves sales results.  River Room layout with measurements is available.  River Arts provides nails, hooks and masking tape.

    10.  The River Room must be left with walls in good condition and pedestals returned to storage after show is complete.  Shows should be completely uninstalled by 2 pm on the last Wednesday of your booking.

Open Link for the River Room measurements: River Room Layout