“Passages” Accepted List

“Passages”  Accepted Artists  

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted works for jurying.  Below is the complete list of accepted works.

Exhibition of 83 works by 72 artists is open!  Juror Jorge Arango selected from 178 works submitted by 125 artists.

A public reception will be Saturday, January 21 from 2 to 4 pm.  Participating artists who wish to bring something for the refreshment table are appreciated!

Artists may pick up works that were not selected Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.  Those planning to pick up on Saturday, Jan 21 are asked to arrive before 1:30 pm.  We will not be checking out work during the opening reception.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Our storage room is full and we appreciate prompt pick up.

Accepted artists who wish to have images published on facebook may send a jpeg to info@riverartsme.org.  Please label your jpeg file with your first and last name.

Accepted artists who wish to have a bio or artist’s statement in the Show Book in the gallery may email a one page word document to info@riverartsme.org.


  ARTIST                          TITLE
Anastasio, Paula           Billie at the Barn Door
Arter, Debra                  Tender Passage  SOLD
Arter, Debra                  Passing From Day into Night  SOLD
Bernard, Anne              Crossroads
Bernard, Anne              A Place Discovered
Bouchard, Kathy J       Stormy Window
Burnham, Bruce           Beach Sculpture
Campagna, Keith          Firebird Canto
Campagna, Keith          Voyage
Carnes, John                 The Beginning or the End?
Crowe, Regan                A Five Master at Dusk
de Cesare, Bernadette  Living on the Edge
de Mauriac, Alice          Rhyme & Reason
deLesseps, Suzanne     Winter Tracks
Desrosiers, Kelly           Bridge
Desrosiers, Kelly           Mated for Life
Deutsch, Jane                Body Fragment #6
Donnelly, Sandi             How the Light Gets In    SOLD
Dubina, Brian                Courtyard, Boston Public Library
Dufour, Charles             Window of Opportunity
Elliot, Scott                     Scotti River Run
Eskesen, Elaine             Upstream
Essler, Christine            Along the Medomak
Fillyaw, Michael            Stepping Stones
Fisher, Sarah                  Through the Gut, South Bristol
Gibson, Catherine         Entangled Artifact
Gibson, Robert              I Will Not Forget You
Giglia, Michael              GlacialYin RockYang
Guertin, Conrad            Metamorphosis
Haney, Stanley               Iron Works II
Hannah, Kay Sawyer     Scarlet Path
Helder, Jaap Eduard      Reservoir
Hendrick, Rachel L.       A Warm Passage  SOLD
Hume, Sheri                    Through the Beginning of Time
Jennings, Jannetta         Safe Passage
Kahn, Irina                       Passages of Color
Kelly, Susan Cole            Late Autumn
Michaels, Kerry               Popham I
Michaels, Kerry               Popham 2
Kimball, Sandra              Elusive
Kofman, Bob                   Guanoco Crossing  SOLD
Leaman, Joanne             Glimpse
Liggett, Lee                      Pathways
Lizee, Kichung                Once Upon a Time
Loughridge, Sally           Landward
Lowe, Emily                    An Ancient Road
McCartan, Ed                  River
McNelly, Laura               Press On  SOLD
Melissas, Jacqueline      Smoke & Luster
Nadeau, Karen                Stairway to the Light    SOLD
Nadeau, Karen                Fire, Water, Ice
Newbeck, Taylor             Somewhere Only We Know
Pealer, Judson                 Red Line
Peña, Jorge E.                 Adrift
Peña, Jorge E.                 As a Forest is Changed
Phillipps, Jeanette         Blue Door Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia   SOLD
Pontbriand, David         Biice
Pontbriand, David         Pillewe
Pool, Joanna                   Into the Mid-Winter
Porter, Stephen              Cube Column 21
Reynolds, Doreen          Window of Time
Rodriguez, Kerry            Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood
Saba, Mark                       Death II
Schuppien, Judith          Parmenter Hill
Spalding, Sarah               Portal
Stanton, Sally                  Hindsight
Starr, Elizabeth               Emergence
Sulzer, Caroline              In We Go
Thibodeau, Marli           Freedom is Waiting for You
Thibodeau, Marli           Learn By Going
Verville, Leonard W.     The Carrying Place
Voigt, Roben                   A Race     SOLD
Von Huene, Elisabeth   The Way Home
Vos, Karen                       … And Then Comes Spring   SOLD
Vos, Karen                       … Thru the Iron Gate
Warner, Helen                From Here…to There
White, Colleen                Over the River
Wilkins, Dennis              Boogie #1
Wilkinson, Alice             Narrow
Wilkinson, John             Load
Wing, Betsy                     It’s Getting Dark
Zuccola, Eleanor            Traveling on the Road to Home
Zuccola, Eleanor            Mirror Worlds