“Artist’s Choice” Accepted Artists

* Thank you to all of the artists who submitted work*

The public reception will be on Saturday, October 22 from 2 to 4.  We will be serving wine and treats.  Artists are invited to bring something for the refreshment table.  Thank you!

Please come before 1:30pm on Saturday, if you plan to pick up works from our very full storage room. We will not be checking out work during the reception.  Otherwise works can be picked up during regular business hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 to 4.

Accepted artists who wish to have images published on facebook may send a jpeg to info@riverartsme.org.  Please label your jpeg file with your first and last name.

Accepted artists who wish to have a bio or artist’s statement in the Show Book in the gallery may email a one page word document to info@riverartsme.org.

Please remember to retrieve artwork from previous shows as soon as possible.  Our storage room is packed full.


Ahern, Eileen . Girl with Red Hair
Anastasio, Paula . Abandoned Mill Building
Arter, Debra . Vermont Sunflowers
Aston, Christine G. . St. George Inlet
Baker, George . Georgetown Skyline
Beckett, Melanie . Force of Nature
Bennigson, Cathy . Homelands
Benoit, Andre . Homage to Picasso
Betterley, Joanie . Colorful Winter Sunset, Friendship, Maine    SOLD
Bladon, Geoff . At the Bend
Bowman, Jane . Got a Secret
de Mauriac, Alice . Beyond
de Mauriac, Henry . Traps
deLesseps, Suzanne . Fire & Ice
Dickson, Sandra . Snow Study
Erskine, Rita . 18000 Feet Above the Clouds
Fillyaw, Michael . Water Lilies
Fisher, Sarah . Autumn in Motion: Sheepscot
Forrest, Virginia . Monhegan Island Memory
Gaskin, Barbara . Contemplation
Gibson, Catherine . Balancing After Birth
Giglia, Michael . Hey Rocky
Glass, Eric . Peaches on a Rail and Mt. Washington
Hasselman, Kurt . Black Water
Hasselman, Sandra . Topsey Turvey
Heinzen, Mary Ann . Where’s the Fire?
Helder, Jaap Eduard . Zig-Zag
Helder, Jaap Eduard . Mascot
Holmes, Ann . Lumps
Horton, Dianne . Waving Trio
Hume, Sheri . Tangled Wood
Hupke, Dave . Hemlock Bridge
Ingraham, Alice . Coast of Maine
Ingraham, Alice . Impressive
Jennings, Jannetta . NO–
Jordan, Beth . Head Tide Alna
Keller, Wynne . Acadia Walk
Kigel, Jean . Haystack Island Passage
Kofman, Bob . Patagonia Mountain Range
Leaman, Joanne . Let’s Talk
Long, Burke . Mark and Curves 5
Long, Judith . Dripping Twilight – Morning
Lowe, Leigh M. . Hidden Gem
McCartan, Ed . Dark Landscape
McNelly, Laura . Blueberry Hill   SOLD
Mead-von Huene, Katherine . Rockport Gas Pumps
Matson, Don . Sunset, Departure
Myers, Winslow . Study for “Passages” Diptych
Nardone, Doreen . Puzzling     SOLD
Niesen, Laura . Hope in the Dark     SOLD
Nixon, Judy . Evergreen Series – Winter SOLD
Nowell, Charles . Pemaquid Lighthouse
Noyes, Petrea . Pull
Pacy, Brooke . Shadow Beat
Palmer, Elizabeth . Rockland Window
Pealer, Judson . Phantasm
Pealer, Sandra . Golden Finale
Percival, Janet . Summer Afternoon
Perrine, Susan . Twiglamp
Plummer, Irene . August on the Deck
Pontbriand, David . Chezz
Porter, Susie . Wonky Bottles
Price, Kathy . Full Moon Rising
Sawyer, John . Turkeys – Falmouth Audubon Reserve
Scannell, Frances . Casting About
Sherman, Paul . Old Door Glass Knob
Shula, Jeff . Tide Pool
Shula, Jeff . Powerline, High Sun
Sidwell, Susan . Cleome
Sinclair, Marnie . Rooster
Smith, Gary . Monhegan Sunshine    SOLD
Smith, Joyce . Autumn Gold
Stanton, Sally . Pen vs. Sword
Steel, Joyce . Autumn on Appleton Ridge
Sulzer, Caroline . Mother & Child
Teel, Jonathan . Beauty in the Details
Thibodeau, Marli . Lilliputian III
Voigt, Roben . Bayou Bully
White, Colleen . Trees Water Light Lush
Wilkins, Dennis . Building #04011, Moonlight
Wilkinson, John . Sometimes a Chicken is Just a Chicken
Young, Cheryl . Yellow Garden Spider