Accepted Artist List ~ “Wild Things”

Artist Title
Anastasio, Paula Swimming Up Stream
Arter, Debra The Secret Life of Wild Asian Plants
Aston, Christine G. Trombone
Aston, Christine G. Costume Party
Babb, Bruce Flowers
Bariluk-Smith, Nancy Mischief
Bean, Barbara Left in the Wild
Benoit, Andre Friendly as a Cat
Blaydon, Cheryl Untamed
Bowman, Jane Polar Dip SOLD
Branch, Kristina Magnolia Warbler
Brandwein, Marcia Enchanted
Campagna, Keith Splash #1
Carnes, John When the Wildfires Come
Chute, James Untitled
Coates, Mark Fading October
Cote, Rebecca Palpable Essence
de Mauriac, Alice Wild Thing
deLesseps, Suzanne Resonance
Essler, Christine Haven’t Seen a Moose?
Farmer, Bonnie Wild Flowers #1
Farmer, Bonnie Wild Flowers #2
Farrell, Chesley The Bayou
Fillyaw, Michael Take Wing
Fisher, Sarah Are the Students Still There?
Hall, Stevan Shadow Dancing
Hanley-Warren, Ramone Gilded Meadow
Hasselman, San D. Something’s Fishy
Heinzen, Mary Ann Mud Season
Helder, Jaap Eduard Reverence
Hendrick, Rachel L. Wild Peace
Horton, Dianne Two Sheets to the Wind
Hunter, Anna-Marlies Whisper
Karlsson, Paul Doctor Who?
Kelly, Susan Cole Wild Thing
Kennedy, Sheila Liberace
Kigel, Jean Stripers Running
Kyle, Lisa Wild & Stormy
Leaman, Joanne Insert Tabs to Construct
Leonard, Margaret Now What
MacCready, Robin New Friends
Marstaller, Nancy Where the Wild Things Are
McCartan, Ed Summer Radiance
Millonzi, Nikki Burning Bright
Morse, Ava Royalty SOLD
Nadeau, Karen Green Gone Wild
Nardone, Doreen Outlier
Nevadomsky, Laura Baboon
Parker, Nell Forest Floor: Wintergreen and Reindeer Lichen
Parker, Nell Forest Floor: British Soldier Lichen & Pin Cushion Moss
Pealer, Judson Roulette
Pealer, Sandra The River’s Edge
Peña, Jorge E. Chiribiquete I
Peterson, Cathie S. Nordic Send-Off
Phillipps, Jeanette Whiteout 2
Schafer, Lori Rockland Fox
Shappelle, Deborah Tiger, Tiger
Sidwell, Susan Wild Virgin’s Bower
Slocum, Ann Untitled
Spalding, Sarah Spirit Horse SOLD
Stanton, Sally Weather, Endure, Expand
Stephens, Kay Faery Forest
Strong, Karin Monhegan Peregrine
Thibodeau, Marli Shaman Dream
Van Tassell, Jan Surf’s Up
Voigt, Roben Lobster Man Running
Warner, Helen Wild Ride
Wartell, Gail In Flight
Williams, Sharon Under the Sea
Wing, Betsy Run  SOLD
Wolff, Jeffrey Dog Man
Young, Cheryl Night Strike
Zuccola, Eleanor The Dancing Octopus

Unaccepted works should be picked up during regular gallery hours as soon as possible.

Public artists’ reception will be Saturday, May 14 from 2 to 4 pm.  Masks required for gallery entry.  River Arts will not be serving food or drink for this reception.  Please plan to come before the opening if you wish to pick up works.  We do not check out work during the opening reception.  Thank you!

Accepted artists may send a jpeg image of their work to, if they wish to be included in facebook and instagram posts.  If we don’t already have one, artists may send a one page biography or artist statement, if they wish to be included in our bio book.