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Artists’ Choice Show

River Arts in Damariscotta is inviting the public to view its newest exhibition “Artists’ Choice” featuring the work of artists throughout Maine with artwork in a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography, collage, painting, ceramics, and fine craft – representational and abstract.   The show runs thru March 10.
The juror for the show is Tina Ingraham.  Tina Ingraham’s study of Renaissance painting and fresco is evident in her warm palette, fascination with surface and vivid perception of light’s effect on nature. She is a recipient of many awards, including grants from the Guggenheim Foundation and Maine Commission for the Arts and has taught in a variety of teaching environments including Bowdoin College, Stephens College, and workshops in Italy, Colorado and Maine. Her work is exhibited at Greenhut Galleries, Somerville Manning Gallery and Boston Art, Inc.


Juror’s Choice March 1-31, 2018 River Arts

Bernadette deCesare Oblia Dreams

River Arts in Damariscotta announces that “Juror’s Choice” has opened (March1-31). Bernadette deCesare, Jeff Wolff and Edgar Reims, each of whom inhabits a distinct visual planet, are the exhibiting artists.

Pastel artist, Bernadette deCesare, revels in multi-layered, lush, dreamlike worlds inspired by nature, the subconscious realm and healing modalities. Her images, filled with narrative content, draw upon her recollections combined with imaginings. “I work intuitively, for the most part, which feels like a working trance.”

In “Oblia Dreams,” a tawny, well fed cat sleeps on a red surface (a couch, perhaps?) Clearly the cat dreams of the silhouetted birds flowing across his body. Behind the cat, drifts a luminous blue, red and yellow atmosphere packed with calligraphic marks and strange forms that reach for the sky to merge the cat dreams with other dreams (the viewer’s, perhaps?).

Retired, after 41 years in advertising, Jeff Wolff, working with oil sticks, employs a vigorous language of slashing marks and signs. Using black, (“Black is always with me.”) and white, and intense jewel-like colors, he describes an uneasy, mutable psychic world that moves from abstract to objective content.

The abstract, “Because Colors Love to Run Wild,” suggests enameled carapaces concealing significant tumult, which breaks through to reveal personages in trouble. A black line squiggle, in an abstract text except for the word “HI,” suddenly re-forms itself into a sharp-eyed face peering through a gap transforming the lay-out into the wall of a derelict building. Nearby hangs a portrait that could be comical, except that it is not. This man’s neon green face, band-aid patched nose, heart patched cheek, grimacing mouth of red teeth, wild orange hair, and hypervigilant eyes rivet us. His agony and fear are inescapably evident.

“Color with a little form expresses everything in the visual world,” says oil painter Edgar Reims. He creates impressionistic landscapes that stir nostalgic recognition in anyone who has ever fallen in love with Maine’s unmatched natural beauty. Attuned to the relationship between skies and water and to changes in the weather, Reims works from life. He labors to create seemingly simple vignettes that are “perfect,” though of course, they are never, quite perfect.

Several pictures show classic views of distant bits of land floating on blue mirroring seas below skies of white lavender, blue and yellow. One particularly engaging view “Lookout Point” depicts a dark rain squall perched behind a distant peninsula, while the foreground basks in sunlight.

Juror, Tina Ingraham, has chosen a group of artists whose contrasting visions make for a complex and interesting exhibit. There are gifts here for lovers of playful flights of the imagination and spirit. Here are experiential truths for those living with existential struggles and for all who strive to understand the turmoil. And here, for all who love the natural world, are soul renewing beauties of land sea and sky.

Gallery open Tues-Sat, 10-4 Sunday 10-2


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